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User Experience: Definition, Principles, and Examples

Apa itu user experience


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In an application, users will feel several things related to the use of the application. One of these uses is related to several things that can add to the user's impression of accessing the application. This aspect is referred to as user experience.

User experience must be considered in making all applications. One of them is a web-based application.

There are many reasons why apps based on website must have user experience good and effective. This relates to accessibility and ease for users to complete their work easily.

With user experience well, the application is able to read every draft content inputted by the admin, and is able to identify whether there is a problem with the content or not. User experience juga membantu pengguna untuk memantau apa saja aspek yang dicari oleh pengguna pada konten tersebut.

In this article, the explanation will focus on user experience along with its principles and examples. Check out the following explanation.

Definition of User Experience

What is user experience? In the world of applications and websites in general, UX is all aspects and components that aim to facilitate the user experience in accessing a website or application. Generally, the person who does this is called a UX Designer.

UX Designers equipped with knowledge in programming languages will make the application framework and structure easier for users to access and enjoy its features.

User experience UX usually focuses more on how users can access an application or website through a scale of most difficult to easiest. The easier it is for a user to access an app or website and the more frequently they visit, the better the UX.

So in simple language, it is the user experience when using a digital product. Output on user experience It also depends on the user's preferences and needs. This goes back to the subjectivity of the user accessing the website or application.

A common example is a site design that is not too crowded, then a product menu that is lightweight and flexible, and some things on the application or website that make the user's work and goals easy to achieve.

In web-based applications specifically, are aspects related to user interaction and perception when using the application. So that it focuses more on the ease of users in accessing and finding what they have been looking for.

Benefits of User Experience

There are many benefits that can be found from user experience in well-designed applications. Here are the benefits.

1. Clear information for users

By providing a friendly and complete application design, users will find it easier to find information related to their search. 

The more the design is automated and does not require user intervention, the more information is obtained and the faster users find the information they are looking for.

2. Increase user engagement

As a user of the application, users or website visitors will more often use the application for their work. This is because users will be more satisfied using the application because there are detailed designs and features, and practical for daily work.

3. Improve brand reputation

User experience will directly impact the brand reputation that an app carries. So a brand that is sold or marketed on an app depends on the app's UX.

If an application releases a new product and at the same time updates its application design, then the product and application design are not good, it will affect the previous product as well.

These three benefits make an application more effective and reliable in providing information and access experience to users. So that the sense of trust of users will be higher and more often use the application.

Principle of User Experience

audit keuangan
Illustration of the display of various data in a laptop device with easy access features. (Source: Unsplash)

In principle of user experienceThe user experience and satisfaction with accessing an application or website is prioritized. Some of them must be in accordance with the principles of the application as a tool to facilitate work or business digitally. Here are the working principles user experience.

1. According to user needs and requirements

The first thing to consider when dealing with UX is to know what the needs of the user are and whether those needs are related to what the application or website brings. So, user experience A good app is one that makes the app "answer" the user's needs.

2. Consistent app design

Application design is the second UX principle that is very important for the appearance of the application to the user. Users will be more satisfied with the experience of accessing an application or website if they are satisfied with the appearance of the application design.

3. Contextual

Every application must have a design that matches the context or product it carries. The goal is for users to feel that the products brought by the website are suitable and suitable for them. 

This is the most important aspect of UX, being able to make users take action to buy or use products from that website or application.

Example of User Experience in an Application

This article also includes examples of good and correct UX usage in an application or website.

A. Illustration of User Experience (UX) to Simplify Online Shopping

Suppose a user is looking for new sports shoes. The user then opens a retail store application. Session interface The app is simple and intuitive, with high-quality product images and an easily accessible search menu. Users can filter shoes by size, color, and brand with a few taps.

After finding a shoe of interest, the user can view full product details, including materials, technology used, and reviews from other buyers. 

The payment process was smooth. Such users can choose their favorite payment method and track orders easily through the app.

Throughout this experience, the user feels helped and facilitated. This is an example user experience very well.

This is the explanation of a good UX or user experience. A good user experience is used to guide and facilitate users of an application. By prioritizing an attractive display design and being able to provide space for users to explore the application and find what they are looking for.

In addition, the design of the application is contextual to the product and user needs, and is always consistent every time there is an update with a design that "flows" and always keeps up with the times. So that users will visit the application more often.

One of the must-have applications user experience A good audit application is an audit application. Audit application as tools that help auditors to perform the audit process should have a contextualized design, appearance, and principles.

One of the audit software with good user experience is Audithink. Audithink provides audit application design with a design that allows users to be more satisfied and increase comfort in accessing and conducting audits. Contact us for more information.