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Quality Control: Meaning, Duties, Skills, Responsibilities, & Salary

quality control


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Every company, before the product is ready to be marketed and accepted by consumers, will certainly enter the quality check stage first. This stage is usually carried out in the quality control who is tasked with checking products before they are sold.

The goal is that the product is really suitable for consumption and use by consumers.

At this checking stage, it must be done by someone who is experienced. Because, checking product quality cannot be done by random people.

This is because it will affect the company's reputation and image. If the product quality is good, the company will get a good reputation from consumers.

That's why the quality control (QC) is very important for the company, so it must find a professional and experienced workforce.

So, what is QC? What are the duties, skills, and responsibilities that this profession must fulfill?

Here we will give you the full discussion!

What is Quality Control?

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Quality Control is a process or stage that aims to ensure that the products produced by the company are of high quality and in accordance with certain regulations and standards.

This is because the company has a big responsibility for the products it sells. This cannot be separated because consumers will consume and use these products.

Therefore, the QC profession is very important for every company to ensure product quality. They will see and identify whether there are potential defects or discrepancies in the product with certain standards from the company.

If the QC team finds the discrepancy, the product can be repaired first before being sold to consumers.

Seamless and Improved quality control usually includes the stages of testing, inspection, supervision, and correction of products to ensure that the quality is appropriate.

With checks like this, it is very important to support consumer satisfaction with the company's products. Of course, it also helps maintain the company's reputation and image.

Quality Control Duties

You need to understand, a QC has several tasks that should not be underestimated and done carelessly.

They must carry out their duties in accordance with pre-established regulations. In addition, it also ensures that the product is ready to be marketed.

Well, some tasks quality control is as follows:

1. Incoming

First, there is QC duty incoming which means supervising and ensuring that production raw materials are available and in good condition according to company standards.

Typically, the QC team in carrying this out uses the random sampling in every incoming raw material.

After ensuring that the raw materials are in a condition that meets certain standards, they will go into storage in the warehouse and are ready to enter the production stage of product manufacturing.

2. Processing

Furthermore, the task processing which means checking while the product assembly process is in progress.

This check must be carried out at every stage of production. This is because if there are products that do not meet the standards, the product cannot enter the next production stage.

3. Finishing

Finally, the task quality control is finishing which checks the products that are final or finished and ready to be distributed to consumers.

Finishing is the last task of QC because products that have entered this stage mean that they have met the company's quality standards.

That way, the product is ready to be sold to consumers with regulatory quality, so it will not pose a risk if consumed or used.

Quality Control Skills

Do you want to be part of the QC team in a company? If yes, then there are several skills that must be mastered quality control. 

Well, here are some skills that must be possessed by quality controller:

1. Have an in-depth understanding of the company's product standards and specifications, including what the production process looks like

2. Strong ability to analyze statistical data on product quality

3. Have the ability to observe and assess products carefully and accurately

4. Good communication skills, including when reporting the results of product checks and providing information related to product quality issues to management.

5. Can identify product problems and provide the best solution to fix them.

6. Able to use equipment and technology that is usually available in the product quality testing process.

7. Good time management skills

8. Good skills in documenting product quality test results.

Quality Control Responsibilities

In addition to some of the skills you must master, there are also responsibilities quality control that needs to be done.

Not only checking product quality, a QC also has other responsibilities that you need to know.

There are several responsibilities quality control is as follows:

1. Determine production standards

First, the responsibility of the QC profession is to determine the appropriate production standards in accordance with the objectivity of the company.

This responsibility must be carried out because it is very important and closely related to the productivity and effectiveness of making products from the company.

2. Monitoring of product quality

Second, a QC is also responsible for monitoring product quality.

They must ensure that the quality of products produced by the company is in accordance with the standards and needs of consumers.

3. Improving the company's products

Furthermore, this profession is also must improve the company's products that do not meet the standards and needs of consumers.

This is because they already know what and why the product has not met certain standards. That way, QC must also provide the most appropriate solution to fix it.

Quality Control Salary

Having a fairly large task and role in a company, the salary received is no joke and is also quite high.

Because, in Indonesia alone, the average salary quality control ranges from 4 to 10 million depending on the minimum wage of each region.

Of course, this is a very high salary, especially for a fresh graduate. However, to become a QC is also not easy because you have to master several skills and carry out considerable responsibilities.

However, if you put in the effort, it's not impossible to work in this profession.

Well, that's a complete discussion of what is quality control, duties, skills, responsibilities, and salary in Indonesia.

Bottom line, quality control is one of the professions tasked with ensuring the quality of the company's products is in accordance with certain standards and consumer needs.

A QC must also ensure that products do not suffer from damage, defects, and so on that adversely affect the company's reputation.

In a company, not only the QC profession is the most important. Because, one profession or job that is also quite important for the sustainability of the company is auditor.

This is because the auditor is tasked with carrying out internal audit which is very important to determine the conformity of the company's financial statements with accounting standards and certain laws.

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