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What is User Interface: Meaning, Functions, Components, & Principles

User interface adalah


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In an website when it comes to apps and products, it's not just the product and content quality that can improve the user experience. However, there are also user interface (UI) which is also one of the important aspects in it.

User interface is one of the important parts to present the shape of the web or application, so as to optimize the user experience.

It can be said that user interface is the first impression that users will find from the results of using a system, be it website or apps.

So, why is UI so important for a website or apps? Yes, because this aspect serves to make the exploration process on the site easier for users.

Not only that, there are still many reasons that make UI become an important aspect in website or apps.

In fact, such is its importance that UI is now one of the most important elements in the stages of software development.

What is it exactly user interface? How does it function and what are its components? Curious about this? No need to worry, because we will provide an explanation in this article.

Definition of User Interface

User interface adalah
Illustration of user interface (

User interface is a part of the system that makes user can see and interact with the computer, website, or apps.

The goal is to user experience (UX) becomes easier and more intuitive. This can certainly improve the user experience in using a site.

To put it simply, user interface is a process of creating a display or display computer devices or software and its focus on design.

Of course, UI designer will create an attractive interface to enhance the user experience, starting from design display until voice control-it.

Then, what is the purpose of making the site look attractive? Yes, because it aims to spoil the eyes of its users.

That's why, many website or applications that are competing to make their appearance more attractive and aesthetic.

In simple terms, an example user interface is a view of the menus on Windows, website, app, and many others.

Still confused about what UI is? Check out this illustration.

You go and visit one of the best cafes in Malang and choose a room private or VIP. Well, upon arrival at the cafe room, you are amazed by the luxurious facilities provided as well as the decorations aesthetic.

The tables, chairs, lamps, wall hangings and other elements in the room look very elegant and minimalist.

Then, you're amazed that the room is comfortable and the service is friendly, so you feel at home here and plan to come back again.

It is the same with a system, which must be made attractive and aesthetic so that users are comfortable, so that they will return to website or that apps.

Function of User Interface

After knowing what it is user interface, then you must understand the function of this UI design. Because, the design or appearance of this UI is very important for a particular system or device.

1. Increase customer conversions

As mentioned earlier, if there is an attractive UI, it will make visitors feel at website or that apps.

Of course, it's not impossible that visitors' interest will lead them to become regular and loyal customers.

2. Facilitate user interaction

You need to understand, if user interface are the visual elements of the product system, ranging from buttons, icons, images, screen design, text and more. 

Where, these elements are a bridge for users to search for the products or information they need.

Through an attractive UI, it can help users to interact with the product more easily, so that what they need can be obtained.

3. Improve product branding

An interactive and identifiable UI design can help to enhance the branding power of a product. Because, through an attractive UI and aesthetic, can make brand different from the others.

User Interface Components

Make display website If you want to make your app attractive, you can't do it carelessly. Because, there are various components that you need to pay attention to.

1. Layout

First, the component of user interface is design or layout which is a section for placing and arranging each element on the page website.

Layout is an important part of a website because it aims to facilitate the information conveyed and make visitors more comfortable exploring the page.

2. Color

In development of brand image consistent, color application on UI design is one of the most important points to note.

This is because color will have a big impact on user experience. Make sure to choose the right color as it can affect mood audiens and deliver messages more effectively.

3. Typography

In order to convey the right information, you need to pay attention to the typography mix. Typography means the elements that make up the text, from the type of font, size, to the writing format.

As such, typography greatly affects the ease with which information is read by users. Therefore, make sure to use the right typography.

4. Graphic

The last component is graphics which includes visual elements such as images, icons, logos, and so on. Graphics serve as a representative tool or supporting information that will be highlighted from your business.

Therefore, make sure the graphics are of high quality to enhance the user experience of visiting the website yours.

User Interface Design Principles

In creating a UI design, not only the components are considered, but it must also be based on certain principles or procedures.

Therefore, here are some design principles user interface yang perlu diperhatikan.

1. Visibility

First, there is the principle of visibility that serves to make it easier for users to interact in the system. 

The application of this principle requires optimization of design elements that make it easier for users to fulfill their goals.

2. Consistency

Secondly, there is the principle of consistency which relates to what the user sees. This means that you have to make sure that the design elements in the website everything is the same, such as color, text, size, and so on.

The goal is that users do not feel confused and strange when entering the website as well as the apps you create.

3. Learnability

You need to know, if users must be able to understand the products or services you offer easily. 

Exactly, UI designer must create a design view website or applications that facilitate the process. That way, the user's purpose of visiting a site will be fulfilled and the chances of returning are greater.

4. Predictability

Last, there is predictability which refers to the user's ability to predict what will happen next. 

If the user can do it, then the UI designer have really applied the principle of interface well.

This is the discussion on what is user interface along with its functions, components and design principles.

If a conclusion is drawn, user interface is one of the parts of the system that makes user can see and interact with the computer, website, or apps.

The goal is to improve the user experience to make it comfortable to visit the page and easier to find what they are looking for.

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