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Frequent Questions Asked Related to Audithink

How to use Audithink?

You can schedule a demo to see Audithink in action or talk to our Product Expert to learn more about Audithink.

What is the main function of Audithink?

Audithink is an audit application that will make it easier for corporate audit teams to plan, perform task management, fill out the audit paper, reporting the results of the audit, to monitoring the implementation of the action plan by auditee.

Using Audithink, the process of internal audit to be more efficient and provide maximum results without draining time and energy.

How does an internal audit software help in business expansion?

Business growth is highly dependent on how a company optimizes operations and minimizes risks to produce higher quality output.

Audithink's risk-based audit approach will help corporate audit teams focus on risks and maximize the audit process by automating programming, results recording, and reporting.

The real-time follow-up monitoring feature will also help auditor in ensuring that any follow-up recommendations given to auditees are implemented in a thorough and timely manner.

Can Audithink be used by non-business sector?

No, Audithink is audit software internal that can be used by various types of government agencies, businesses, education, and non-profit organizations.

By customizing Audithink, any organization can tailor Audithink features based on their unique needs.

What kind of audit can be done through Audithink?

Audithink can accommodate the implementation of internal audits which include financial statement audit, compliance, operations, and performance audit.

In addition, auditors can also record the results of audits conducted by external institutions and monitor the implementation of follow-up actions taken by auditees based on the audit recommendations.