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Enjoy Various Features of Audit in One App Only

Easily start trying out various features to support the needs of the auditor team and auditee as a whole. 

Risk Assesment

Use risk as a parameter for your audit plan.



Set a detailed audit plan effortlessly.


Template program

By using templates, auditors can save time by adapting templates to suit their needs.



Validate action plan recommendations through the app.



Real-time monitoring of action plan reported by auditee.


Automatic report

Generate accurate and comprehensive audit reports in one click.


Frequent Questions Asked Related to Audithink

How to use Audithink?

You can schedule a demo to see Audithink in action or talk to our Product Expert to learn more about Audithink.

What is the main function of Audithink?

Audithink is an audit software to help auditors plan, manage tasks, fill audit paper, report, and monitor action plan implementation. Using Audithink, internal audit process can be more efficient and stress-free.

How does an internal audit software help in business expansion?

Business growth highly depends on how a company optimize its operation and minimize risk to achieve better output. Risk-based approach that is used in Audithink will help auditors focus more on the main audit process through automation in audit preparation, record findings, and reporting. Real-time action plan monitoring also support auditors in ensuring every action plan is done timely and correctly by auditee.

Can Audithink be used by non-business sector?

Yes, Audithink can be used by various types of government, business, education, as well as non-profit organization. Especially through customization, any organization will be able to adjust Audithink’s features according to their own unique requirements.

What kind of audit can be done through Audithink?

Some types of audit which can be elevated through Audithink includes financial statement audit, compliance audit, operational audit, and performance audit. Moreover, auditor may also record external audit findings and monitor its action plan based on the recommendation.

Maximize Audit Effectiveness Anywhere

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